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Joining ACME Lab

Multiple openings are currently available at the graduate, postdoctoral, and undergraduate levels. Interested individuals are highly encouraged to apply and contact us.


Graduate Students

We are looking for bright, talented, and motivated individuals to join the team! Please visit this link for information on applying to the graduate program at USC. Please feel free to contact Prof. Sideris by email as well, although applications must be submitted through the official USC departmental website for full consideration. Make sure to include a CV as well as a description of your research background and interests.

Postdoctoral Scholars

Please email Prof. Sideris with your CV, research background, accomplishments, and experience, and current and future research interests.

Masters Students

Masters students interested in doing directed research should send Prof. Sideris their CV and research interests via email.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduates currently enrolled at USC interested in doing research with us are encouraged to get in touch via email. Please include your CV along with a brief statement of research interests and any previous course or research experience that you may have.