Living Beyond Labels: Honoring World Cancer Day with I_AM’s “I_AM More Than My Diagnosis” Hospital Wristband Campaign

To mark World Cancer Day and recognize the Institute for Arts in Medicine’s commitment to enhancing the role of healing arts and wellness throughout our healthcare system, on February 4, 2023, I_AM introduced its “I_AM More Than My Diagnosis” initiative.

Through this unique initiative, patients and their caregivers created a personalized hospital bracelet, allowing them to draw strength and inspiration from the health challenges they/their family members face.

Savannah Mohacsi initiated the hospital wristband project to highlight that patients are often reduced to barcodes and numbers on their wrists. “Dr. Pinski and I wanted those affected by cancer to be able to choose what is written on their wrist, reclaiming their identity as a person beyond their diagnosis,” stated Mohacsi.

Through various arts in medicine programs curated by I_AM, the “I_AM More Than My Diagnosis” project continues its healing journey at the Keck School of Medicine Division of Medical Oncology and is led by Executive Clinical Director Dr. Jacek Pinski.

We look forward to connecting with you and discussing the benefits of I_AM in supporting your healing journey. 

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