The mission of the Clinical Exercise Research Center is to promote health and rehabilitation using exercise as a stimulus to elucidate the mechanisms and define adjunctive therapy by which people will optimally adapt, heal and overcome debilitating disease or injury.

Investigations include:

  • Hormones and the influence on body composition, muscle strength, metabolism and rehabilitation
  • Resistance training studies to improve strength and physical function in at-risk populations, including cancer patients
  • Studies using skeletal muscle biopsy tissue to understand myogenic regulators
  • Human skeletal muscle cell culture experiment
  • Determining physiological limits, fatigue and overtraining elite athletes

Ongoing Studies:

  • The efficacy of testosterone administration in recovery from rotator cuff surgery
  • Improving cognitive and physical function with virtual reality treadmill training in older adults
  • The effectiveness of blood flow restrictive exercise training to reduce hamstring injuries
  • Determining the optimal load for maximal power production in weightlifting pulling derivatives