Former students

Dissertation: Analysis and Enforcement of Properties in Software Systems
ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award (2018) 
First employment: Ant Financial
Dissertation: Efficient Symbolic Execution of Concurrent Software
ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award (2018) 
First employment: Baidu X-Lab
Dissertation: Constraint-based Thread-Modular Abstract Interpretation
NSF GRFP Fellowship (2016), Bradley Fellowship (2014)
First employment: Google
  • Lu Zhang, PhD 2016
Dissertation: Runtime Verification and Debugging of Concurrent Software
First employment: Oracle
Dissertation: Constraint-based Program Synthesis for Embedded Software
FMCAD Best Paper Award (2014) 
First employment: Postdoc at Rice (and then Assistant Prof at AAST Egypt)
  • Sepideh Khoshnood (MS 2015)
Thesis: Constraint Solving for Diagnosing Concurrency Bugs
First employment: Microsoft
  • Arijit Chattopadhyay (MS 2014)
Thesis: Dynamic Invariant Generation for Concurrent Programs 
First employment: Bloomberg
  • Kiran Adhikari (MS 2013)
Thesis: Verifying Quantitative Relaxation of Linearizability via Refinement 
First employment: Intel

Prospective students

Prospective Students