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  • Viktor K. Prasanna, Charles Lee Powell Chair in Engineering
  • Director, Center for Energy Informatics (CEI)
  • Professor of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering Division
    and Professor of Computer Science





Research Adjunct Professor

  • Rajgopal Kannan, Adjunct Research Professor of Electrical Engineering – Systems






Post Doctoral Research Associates













  • Angelos Lazaris, Ph.D. Candidate Student
  • Research Focus: Traffic Modeling and Analysis; Machine Learning; Anomaly Detection; Network Security; Software Defined Networks
  • Recent Publications: CAN’17





  • Thanos Rompokos, Ph.D. Student
  • Research Focus: Optimizations, Smart Grids





  • Chi Zhang, Ph.D. Student
  • Research Focus: Data Science, Smart Grids, Acceleration of Deep Neural Networks
  • Recent Publications: FPGA’17. FPGA’18





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