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More Fun Stuff

Some third-party sites and services we thought you might find useful are listed below. They are not endorsed by the University of Southern California.

Try your hand at a new recipe or learn how to fine tune your chopping skills!

While the gyms may be closed you can still stay active!

Esports, online board games (with a group or on your own), puzzles, and more!

Learn how to paint with Bob Ross or learn from Ross the Music & Guitar Teacher or simply complete some coloring pages! Time to get crafty!

Volunteer Virtually
You can volunteer and help communities from any location. Nonprofit organizations often work with a small staff and tiny budgets. It can make a huge difference when volunteers like you offer to help. 

Don’t have a streaming service subscription? No problem! From quick Ted Talks to 30,000 Documentaries and Classic films, we’ve got you covered! Bonus: Animal Cams from various zoos!

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