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Narrative Medicine Workshops

The term ‘‘narrative medicine’’ has come to connote a medicine fortified with the knowledge of what to do with the stories of illness. As patients tell of themselves in all the ways they can—with words, gestures, silences, facial expressions, biopsies of their livers, tracings of their hearts—and hope to be heard, we do our best to receive all these narratives, honoring them not only for their biological content but also for the news they give of the person in whom this illness dwells. Like all narrating situations, these instances of storytelling unite the teller and the listener in a shared world either recalled or imagined.

— Rita Charon, “Narrative Medicine as Witness for the Self-Telling Body”

The HEAL Program is offering Narrative Medicine workshops led by Dr. Erika Wright, Clinical Instructor of Family Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine. These 2-hour sessions are designed to introduce students and faculty to the tenets of Narrative Medicine, specifically the practice of close reading, and to provide a space for participants to think about how words/language evolves over time and within a given context or moment. Participants will further develop strategies for connecting and collaborating with their patients and colleagues through effective listening and analytical thinking.

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