Current Grants

ONR 18-001: Bioinspired sensing and control principles for underwater multi-vehicle coordination. PIs: Eva Kanso (lead), Derek Paley, Matt McHenry.

ONR Basic Research Grant: StarBot: Biological inspiration for manipulation and locomotion with soft robotics PIs: Eva Kanso (lead), Mitul Luhar, Matthew McHenry, Michael Tolley, and Shengqiang Cai

ONR 17-001: Data-driven and Physics-based flow characterization using bioinspired sensory systems. PI: Eva Kanso.

NSF INSPIRE Award: How do cilia-driven flows shape the chemical and mechanical microenvironment in bacteria-host associations? PIs: Eva Kanso (lead), Margaret McFall-Ngai, Eduard Ruby, and Scott Fraser.

Army Research Office Grant: Active and passive actuation of bio-inspired locomotory systems. PI: Eva Kanso.

NSF CBET Grant: Collaborative Research: Crossing the boundary: motion of solid objects across air-liquid interfaces. PIs: Eva Kanso (lead), Fotis Sotiropoulos.

Past Grants