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  • MASC 503: Thermodynamics of Materials

Classical thermodynamics, chemical potential, pure phases and mixtures; interphase relationships; binary and ternary solutions; free energy and activity; galvanic cell, electrochemical potential, and Pourbaix diagram.

  • MASC 551: Mechanical Behavior of Engineering Materials

Mechanical properties of materials; macroscopic mechanical behavior related to structure and microstructure of the material; elementary dislocation theory related to basic strengthening mechanisms; fatigue and fracture; nanomaterials.

  • MASC 561: Dislocation Theory and Applications

Elasticity theory; types, sources, motion, interaction of dislocations; stress fields and strain energies; partial dislocations and stacking faults; principles of work-hardening.

  • MASC 583:┬áMaterials Selection

Materials selection in relationship to design and fabrication, economic considerations, methodology of selection, performance parameter; case studies.

  • MASC 560: Fatigue and Fracture

Behavior of materials under cyclic and static fatigue; plastic instability; life-time predictions; brittle and ductile fracture; crack propagation and plastic blunting.

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