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Group Alumni

Research Associates, Postdoctoral Scholars, Research Professors under M.E. Kassner Direction

Prof. Emanuela Cerri, Univ. Parma, Parma,  Italy

Prof. Jun Koike, Tohoku Univ., Sendai, Japan

Dr. Teresa Pérez-Prado, Senior Reseacher,  IMDEA, Madrid, Spain

Dr. Mingzhang Wang,  Sr. Reliability Eng., Medtronic,  Minneapolis, MN.


Ph.D. Students

Dr. Robert S. Rosen, 1990; Technical Specialist, Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, Washington, DC

Dr. Michael C. Tolle, (NSF/NATO Fellow) 1994; IBM Research, San Jose, CA

Dr. Xiao Li, 1996; LSI Logic, Gresham, OR

Dr. Karol K. Schrems, 1999; Engineer, Department of Energy, Albany Research Center, Albany, OR

Dr. Troy A. Hayes, 2004, Exponent/Failure Analysis Associates, Menlo Park, CA

Dr. Isabella Gallino, 2004, Researcher, Univ. Saarbrucken

Dr. Stephane Barrabes, Sept. 2005, Research Scientist, A1 Technologies, Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Michael Delos-Reyes, 2005, HP Corvallis, OR

Dr. Ling Jiang, 2007, Implant Direct.

Prof. Praveen Kumar, 2007 (with T.G. Langdon)  Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore

Dr. Peter Geantil, 2013, Flux Power, San Diego.

Dr. Yifu Zhao (with Prof. A. Hodge)  2014.

Dr. Yvonne Lee,  2015

Dr. Thien Phan 2015  NIST

Dr. Kamia Smith 2017 Air Force Research Laboratory


M.S. Thesis Students

Scott Wetter, 1986; United States Navy

Paul Mieszcznski, 1986; United States Navy

Dr. Michael McMahon, 1986; Rear Admiral (Ret), United States Navy

Kurt Thiehsen, 1992; Engineer, Hewlett Packard, Vancouver, WA

Utkarsh Kansal, 1992; Project Manager, MCI Telecommunications, Washington, DC

Frank Weber, 1995; Engineer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA

Michael Viliardos, 1993

Dr. Michael Delos-Reyes, (NASA Fellow) 1995; Engineer, Hewlett-Packard, Corvallis, OR

Dr. Robyn Litvay, 1998; Boeing

Amanda Ge, 1999; Echelon, San Jose, CA

Stephen Paddon, 1999; CH2M Hill, Design Corp. Div.

Dr. Milhang Cho, 2000; Iowa State University

Prof. Saleh Alhajeri, 2002, Asst. Professor, Kuwait Inst. of Technology, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Yang Li, 2004; PhD, student, OSU

Dr. Christopher Way, 2003; (co-advised with T.C. Kennedy)

Michael Long, 2006; Hewlett Parkard, Corvallis, OR


Laurea in Mechanical Engineering with Honors (Italian equivalent to M.S. with thesis)

Prof. Chiara Daraio (ETH Zurich) with Prof. E. Evangelista of Polytech. Marche, Ancona, Italy


Non-Thesis MS but with with Research Participation

Ryan Roehnelt, 1996; Engineer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA

Kevin Kyle 2003, (National Academy of Eng. Intern) National Nuclear Security Administration, Washington, D.C

Dinara Abdrakhmanova  2010

Henry Gao, 2005; Implant Direct


Non-Degree Graduate Students (Co-authors on Journal Article)

Jeff Pollard, 1992; Engineer, Hewlett Packard, Corvallis, OR

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