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Jiaqi Wang, MS


Research Interest

I study the mechanisms that underlie persistent maladaptive knee loading strategies after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction. My research aims to determine the effective instruction and feedback on restoring knee loading and the effects of training using these methods. In addition, I am exploring the relationship between joint level impairment, daily loading behaviors, psychometrics, environmental and personal factors on loading patterns. These studies will contribute to our understanding of the interaction between patient behaviors and recovery.



Office Phone: (323) 442-2089


Office: Center for Health Professionals (CHP), G12


  • Miami University, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 2020
  • University of Michigan, Master of Science in Kinesiology, 2018
  • Tianjin Medical University, Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation and Sport Medicine, 2016


  • Master Thesis: Rethinking the goal of postural control during quiet stance. Link:
  • Zhang, Wen, Suxing Shen, Wei Wang, Chunling Zhou, Limin Xu, Jiahe Qiu, Jiaqi Wang et al. (2014). Poor lower extremity function was associated with pre-diabetes and diabetes in older Chinese people. PloS one 9(12), e115883.


  • Jiaqi Wang, Whitney A. Marsh, Keegan Taylor, Taylor Montgomery, Susan Sigward.  (2022). Does the Hip Compensate for Reduced Shock Attenuation at the Knee During Gait Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction? Online oral presentation at the World Congress of Biomechanics (WCB).
  • Jiaqi Wang and Susan Sigward. (2022). The Two-Dimensional Relationship Between Ground Reaction Force Vector and Knee Axis of Rotation Reflect Knee Loading Deficits During Squatting Post-ACLr. Oral presentation (finalist) at Southwest ACSM (SWACSM).
  • Link:
  • Jiaqi Wang, Whitney Marsh, Susan Sigward. (2023). Does the GRF Vector and Knee joint Center Relationship Reflect Intralimb Compensation during Squatting Post-ACLr? Poster at Combined Sections Meeting (CSM).
  • Jiaqi Wang, Whitney Marsh, Susan Sigward. (2023). Relationship Between Ground Reaction Force and Knee Axis of Rotation Reflects Knee Loading Deficits Post-ACLr. Thematic poster at ACSM.
  • Jiaqi Wang, Susan Sigward. (2023). Strategies Used to Reduce Knee Loading in Single-limb Squat 3-4 Months Post-ACLr. (Submitted to ASB)
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