Recruiting PhD and Post-doctoral Fellows

The University of Southern California (USC) Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy is now accepting applications for the PhD program in Biokinesiology from students interested in Infant Learning, Motor Control and Pediatric Rehabilitation Clinical Trials. Full tuition, medical benefits, and stipend funding is available via research and teaching assistant positions. Applications will be accepted through Nov 1, 2020 to start in 2021.


The USC PhD Program in Biokinesiology is a research intensive program that requires four core courses to gain a breadth of knowledge of the field, then allows students to individualize their coursework to meet their research goals. Current USC pediatric research focuses on the early identification and intervention of children at risk for neurodevelopmental disabilities using a variety of methods: clinical trials, neuroimaging, electroencephalography, eye gaze technology, motion capture technology, robotics, wearable sensors. Collaborative pediatric research laboratories provide a unique training opportunity to work with a cohort of pediatric-focused PhD students and post-doctoral fellows on a variety of projects supported by federal grants and other funding sources.


Mentorship from leaders in the field of pediatric motor control and rehabilitation will prepare applicants for research and academic careers. The three pediatric advisors include: Stacey Dusing, PhD, PT, FAPTA, Director of the Motor Development Laboratory; Barbara Sargent, PhD, PT, Director of the Development of Infant Motor Performance Laboratory; and Beth Smith, PhD, PT, DPT, Director of the Infant Neuromotor Control Laboratory. Please contact a potential advisor Stacey Dusing, Barbara Sargent, or Beth Smith to discuss research training opportunities.

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