LA Incubators

List of Biotech Incubators in LA Region

Summary facts

105,500 sq ft
80+ companies
25+ graduated companies



Alexandria Innovation Center

Address: Pasadena
Tenants (2015): CalImmune, EvoRx
No web presence

Batts Incubator

Address: Chatsworth, CA
Size: 10,000 sq ft
Amenities: conference rooms, kitchen, parking, vivarium, lab equipment (fridges/freezers, fume hoods, tissue culture equipment, centrifuges, PCR machines, etc.), in-house GLP preclinical study facility with several established mouse models, consulting services available for a fee (regulatory, technical, clinical)

CNSI – California NANOSystems Institute (UCLA)

One of the Grey Davis Institutes for Science and Innovation (like QB3)
Address: 570 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095
Size: 2,800 sq ft
Amenities: conference rooms, 260-seat auditorium, core access (imaging, electron microscopy, clean room, high throughput screening centers), mail handling, centralized purchasing, seminars
Tenants: Ferrologix, Millibatt, NanoClear Tech, Niche Bio, Kelvi, Epdynamics, Spectradyne, Selfa, Matrix Sensors, Darts Sciences, CytoLumina, Vault Pharma, Scarless Labs, Orchard Therapeutics, MaxBioPharma, Inspira, Inston, CrayTex, Sixal, Carbonics
Graduates: Nanopixel Technologies, Waveconnex, Adaptix, Medisens, Librede, Cellmic, Aneeve
Application Process: online; UCLA-affiliated companies preferred

CTTi (Cal Poly Pomona Innovation Village) – Center for Training, Technology & Incubation

Accommodates small to medium size companies (500 – 7,000 sq ft)

Address: 3650-3670 W Temple Avenue, Pomona, CA 91768
Size: 51,600 sq ft
Amenities: conference rooms, access to Pomona campus services like shuttle and fitness center
Tenants: AcroScience, BioMedix, TesoRx
Graduates: n/a
Application Process: contact 909-979-5555


HATCH is a multi-tenant lab and office space set to open in Fall 2018

Address: 5370 Alhambra Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032
Size: 22,000 sq ft
Amenities: Lab suites 1,500 – 20,000 square feet plus coworking space; parking
Application Process: HATCH is seeking tenant companies. For inquiries about space availability, please contact Allan S. Glass at (213) 973-8637 or

LA BioMed

LA Biomed is a nonprofit research institute affiliated with UCLA and located on the Harbor-UCLA campus.  They received $3M from LA County to launch an incubator in 2016.  Construction is underway.

Address: 1124 W Carson St, Torrance, CA 90502
Size: 18,000 sq ft

LA Biospace

Incubator at Cal State LA – to open 2018; funded by LA County ($3M) and the US Dept of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration ($3.2M)

LabLaunch – Chatsworth and Monrovia

501(c)(3) nonprofit which opened in 2015; rents range from $2000 – $5000 per month, depending on amount of space rented

Address: 605 E Huntington Dr Ste 103, Monrovia CA 91016
Also have a new location in Chatsworth for med device companies
Size: 11,000 sq ft
Amenities: conference rooms, wifi, mail, coffee, lab equipment (fridges/freezers, tissue culture hoods and incubators, hazardous waste disposal, microscopes, autoclaves, PCR machines, etc), access to business administration services like HR, payroll, purchasing
Tenants: AcuraStem, Aukera, CDN Discovery, Biofactory, CLSA, Cell Care Therapeutics, Healthy Honey Bee, iLifeSeq, Immunowork, Kinetiq, Klyss, Laboratory for Advanced Medicine, LieuLabs, Optical Wavefront Labs, Pathwasys to Stem Cell Science, Pomona Biotechnology Corporation, REMA Corp, Silkopedic Biotech, StatLab, TCR Cure, Vali Nanomedical
Graduates: Drywired, Korva Labs
Application Process: one page online form

Momentum Biosciences LLC

Created by partnership between UCLA and Caltech

Address: 6160 Bristol Pkwy, Culver City, CA 90230
Size: 6,500 sq ft
Tenants (2015): SofieBiosciences, Indi, Nanogea
Graduates: ImaginAb, L-Nutra

Pasadena Bioscience Collaborative

Nonprofit incubator which opened in 2004; rent is $1400 permonth for one bench

Address: 2265 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107
Size: 12,600 sq ft
Amenities: lab equipment (fridges/freezers, tissue culture hoods and incubators, autoclaves, etc.) connections to experts in various fields (legal, regulatory, manufacturing, etc.)
Tenants: Amgen Biotech Experience, Anergix, BCN Biosciences, Biovinc, Calsos, CellVi Bioscience, Deton, Flex R&D, InvVax, Lanx, Maven Biotechnologies, Neumedicines, Ophidion, Panacea Nano, Pt Group Coatings, Poseidon Laboratory, Proteris Biotech, Quick Biology, SeqOnce, Sumo Biosciences, Systine, Verrix
Graduates: Advantageous Systems, Auritec Pharmanceuticals, ADRx Inc, BriaCell Therapeutics, Bruin Biometrics, Calimmune, Cardigant Medical, ChromoLogic LLC, CohBar Inc, KinetiChem Inc, N-Abl Therapeutics Inc, Neurbiogene, PLC Diagnostics Inc, Pyxis Biologix, Senju USA, YSL Bioprocess Development
Application Process: must have funding of at least $100,000; or 626-507-8487


Accommodates very small companies; cost is $500 per month for solo use of a 6 foot bench; also offers classes in biotech and researchers for hire

Address: 1927 Zonal Ave, Los Angeles (5 mins walk from USC HSC campus)
Size: ~2,000 sq ft
Amenities: shared or solo use benches, shared office, wifi, lab equipment (fridges/freezers, tissue culture hoods and incubators, hazardous waste disposal, microscopes, PCR machines, etc.), shared purchasing
Application process: Meet with TheLab and get project approval; 3 month contract

Ventura BioCenter

Address: 1176 Tourmaline Dr, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320
Size: 11,000 sq ft
Amenities: conference rooms, lab equipment (fume hoods, freezers/refrigerators, cell culture equipment, etc.)
Tenants: Advent Analytical Solutions, Amethyst Consulting, Amethyst Life Sciences, Analytical Ventura, Bio-Spring LLC, CAMAG, Designed Polymers, MakerLabs, Marina Biotech, Rebliza, Spero Energy, T-Cure Bioscience
Application Process: requires a business plan, financial model, investor presentation, management team list