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The idea of an online conference has been percolating within the twittersphere for some time to address several well-acknowledged issues with the conventional conference format; namely, the large carbon footprint of conference travel, the impact of travel on work/life balance, and the increasing rates of disruption and cost of international travel.

In parallel, the technical platforms designed for hosting a multi-location, open forum have significantly advanced, further motivating the development of alternative mechanisms for research dissemination.  We decided to take a leadership role in implementing the concept.

Therefore, in addition to disseminating technical information to the photonics community, POM has a larger overarching mission. Briefly, the four goals are:

  • improve accessibility of conference attendance
  • reduce carbon footprint of conference travel
  • reduce burden on family of conference travel
  • reduce the cost of conference participation

Our inspiration comes from several places. The below are just a small sampling of the many discussions currently occurring around trying to develop alternative approaches to scientific meetings. If you have articles that you would like to see posted, please send a link!


Below are a couple articles discussing POM!


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