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Poster Session

The Virtual Poster Session will start during the morning of January 9, 2020, and it will continue throughout the day. Participants are encouraged to post at the time that is most convenient for them, depending on their timezone. All virtual posters will be retweeted from @PhotonicsMeetup.

List of all abstracts accepted for the first POM20 virtual poster session!


What is a virtual poster session?

Unlike a conventional poster which consists of a single sheet of paper that is several feet wide and tall, the virtual poster session will take place on Twitter, where participants will tweet their “posters”. A single tweet will include four images along with a brief summary, as shown in the example.

As such, there are several aspects that must be considered when designing the images and when posting:

  • Aspect ratio and legibility of images on twitter
  • Number of images that can be contained in a single tweet
  • Hashtags for increasing visibility and associating poster with conference

To ensure your success, we have developed several templates and written some simple guidelines.


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