The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration
by Panel on the Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, September 21, 2016
> NAS Website

The Contributions of Immigrants and Their Children to the American Workforce and Jobs of the Future
by Dowell Myers, Stephen Levy and John Pitkin, June 2013
sponsored by the Center for American Progress > Report (pdf)

Immigrant Contributions to Housing Demand
by Dowell Myers and John Pitkin, March 2013
sponsored by the Research Institute for Housing America > Report (pdf)

The Next Immigration Challenge
by Dowell Myers, January 11, 2012
> New York Times op-ed

Assimilation Tomorrow
How America’s Immigrants Will Integrate by 2030
by Dowell Myers and John Pitkin, November 2011
> Center for American Progress Report

Assimilation Today
by Dowell Myers and John Pitkin, September 2010
> Center for American Progress Report

Technical Study: A Summary Period Measure of Immigrant Advancement in the U.S.
by John Pitkin and Dowell Myers, February 2011 > Demographic Research Article

Immigrants and the New Maturity of Los Angeles
by Dowell Myers, Janna Goldberg, Sarah Mawhorter, and Seong Hee Min, 2010, in State of the City, Ali Modarres, ed., Pat Brown Institute > State of the City chapter (pdf)


Immigrants’ Contributions in an Aging America
by Dowell Myers, July 2008
> Communities and Banking, 19(3) Article (pdf)

Written Testimony of Dowell Myers
by Dowell Myers, March 2007
testimony given before the House Committee on the Judiciary
subcommittee on immigration at Ellis Island

Dynamics of Immigrant Settlement in Los Angeles: Upward Mobility, Arrival, and Exodus
by Dowell Myers, Julie Park, and Sung Ho Ryu, 2005
> Working Paper No. PDRG05-05 (pdf)

Upward Mobility by Los Angeles Immigrants: Was Progress Accelerated in the 1990s Relative to the 1980s?
by Dowell Myers, Julie Park, and Sung Ho Ryu, 2005
Working Paper No. PDRG05-04

California’s Immigrants Turn the Corner
by Dowell Myers, John Pitkin and Julie Park, 2004
> USC Urban Initiative Policy Brief (pdf)

Immigration: Fundamental Force in the American City
by Dowell Myers, Winter 1999
Housing Facts and Findings, Fannie Mae Foundation

Upward Mobility in Space and Time: Lessons from Immigration
by Dowell Myers, 1999
in America’s Demographic Tapestry
James W. Hughes and Joseph J. Seneca, eds.
New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press

Changes Over Time in Transportation Mode for Journey to Work: Effects of Aging and Immigration
by Dowell Myers, 1997
in Decennial Census Data for Transportation Planning, Volume 2: Case Studies
Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press