Laboratory for Molecular Robotics (LMR)

The LMR was founded in 1994 with the primary goal of studying the manipulation of molecular-sized components with Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMs). As we became increasingly proficient at nanomanipulation, our goals were broadened to include most of the emerging area of nanorobotics, which encompasses:

  • Programmable assembly of nanoscale components (i) by manipulation with SPMs (or other robotic devices), (ii) by passive self-assembly on programmed templates, or (iii) by active self-assembly of robotic components.
  • Design and fabrication of nanorobots with overall dimensions at or below the micrometre range and made of nanoscopic components.
  • Programming and coordination of large numbers of such nanorobots.

This site covers research performed until 2009. For recent work, please see the Nanolab site.

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