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8:30 AM – Opening Remarks

9:00 AM – Panel 1: Students are the Nation’s Greatest Asset

Those most affected by school violence—students—are often left out of school safety conversations. A panel of students from schools affected by violence will share critical insights into their school experience, their concerns, and the role they can play in supporting a safer school environment.

Moderator: Denzel Whitaker. Panelists: Kristina Anderson, Jake Glacer, Amandeep Kaur and Laraine Perez.

10:00 AM – Panel 2: There is No Profile for School Security

Panelists hailing from the security, public safety and public health community will discuss trends in school violence, best practices for creating a more secure campus environment, and the innovative approaches that can enhance school safety.

Moderator: Robert Boyd. Panelists: Maurice Canady, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Dr. Erroll Southers and Chief John Thomas.

11:00 AM – Panel 3: When a School Shooting is the Story

Panelists from the media industry will explain how decisions are made when covering an instance of school violence and how media reporting can oscillate between valid on-scene fact-gathering and sensationalized coverage.

Moderator: Beverly White. Panelists: Keshia Clukey and Lindsay Powers.

12:00 PM – Closing Remarks

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