Post Doctoral position, Quantum Machine Learning (QML), UCLA

A post doc position is available to develop novel hybrid quantum – deep learning algorithms for next-generation quantum computing.  These quantum algorithms will be used to interface quantum processing units and tackle problems of quantum control. For training purposes, real experimental multi-qubit systems will be available based on nuclear and electron spins.  The hybrid algorithms, which combine the strengths of AI and quantum algorithms, will be used to solve problems of mathematical physics. Emphasis will be placed on the explainability of the designed AI (XAI) without loss of performance.  The successful candidate will be supervised by Profs. Louis Bouchard and Vwani Roychowdhury. Qualifications: Ph.D. in theoretical physics or similar field (engineering, chemistry, math, etc.), demonstrated creativity and proficiency in quantum mechanics and computer programming.  No experience in machine learning necessary (we will provide such training). To Send Inquiries, or to Apply (send CV), Contact: