Quantum Software Researcher, Phasecraft

Phasecraft is currently looking to hire a Quantum Software Researcher to work on near-term quantum optimisation algorithms – a PhD in a relevant area is desirable but not essential. The ideal candidate will have experience in the theory and/or implementation of optimisation algorithms for gate-model quantum computers, or in classical optimisation or constraint satisfaction algorithms; or otherwise strong evidence of potential to contribute to these areas. Their work will initially focus on these topics, though they will have the opportunity to grow a portfolio of research activity across the breadth of Phasecraft’s interests. A background in quantum computing is not necessarily required, though in this case a successful candidate will have evidence of the ability to design and/or implement advanced algorithms for optimisation and/or constraint satisfaction.

Full details are given at https://www.phasecraft.io/news/quantum-software-researcher-optimisation

To apply, candidates should send a CV, including details of two referees, and covering letter by email to careers@phasecraft.io . Applications will be considered until the position is filled.

We are also always interested in hearing from those with expertise in other areas of the theory of quantum computing. For any enquiries, please contact Ashley Montanaro at careers@phasecraft.io