Social Determinants of Health in California

Dr. Brandy Chappell, Doctor of Policy, Planning and Development (DPPD), keeps herself busy with consulting and teaching. She is a policy consultant for Senate Majority Leader Robert Hertzberg, leader of the Democratic Party in the state legislature in California, where she is responsible for homelessness housing and transportation policy. Additionally, she teaches at USC’s Master of Public Health Program, the Department of Preventative Medicine, and occasionally at Price for the Executive Master of Healthcare Administration about disparity and health. Furthermore, her expertise in policy was sought out from USC’s Bovard College to better inform their Master’s and Criminal Justice Program.

Dr. Chappell will incorporate her strong background of medicine and policy to speak to us on medical mistrust, policies, and the social determinants of health in California.

**For current USC DPT and BKN students, faculty, and staff**

When: Saturday, September 12th, 12-2PM PST!

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Starting the Conversation: What does “allyship” look like in health care settings?

PTMLA is proud to have Jessica A. Joseph, PhD (she|they), a psychologist who practices from a social justice anti-racist framework. She works with marginalized students at Princeton as a provider and trains faculty and staff on cultural competency.
During this 2-hour workshop, participants will be introduced to concepts such as intersectionality, privilege, and “allyship” as well as the ways in which racial oppression operates in health care settings.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Introduction to intersectionality and privilege.
  2. Introduction to basic concepts of racial oppression in health settings.
  3. Introduction to basic concepts of “allyship.”
  4. Practical application of “being a good ally” in health settings.
Date/Time: Wednesday, June 18, 2020, 12-2pm PST (3-5pm EST)

Speaker Series: When Patients Lack Social Services

For PTMLA’s first Zoom speaker series, hosted by our PTMLA first year Hybrid Representatives Natalia Barajas and Sonia Williams, we had the fortune of hosting Dr. Noriko Yamaguchi, PT, DPT, GCS, CSCS to discuss working in a healthcare system with healthcare disparities.

As future providers, we will likely be faced with situations where our patients present with needs that require our skill, empathy, and compassion on biomedical, social, and psychological levels simultaneously.

PTMLA was excited to have Dr. Yamaguchi share her experience of serving patients with complex needs and her observations of the intersection between social services and health care.  We had a great talk and group discussion with the opportunity to explore our role as physical therapists in the broader social service environment.

If you are interested in reviewing the recording of this discussion and are a member, please email us! 

Speaker Series: Dr. Michael Rowley

Where biology and identity meet: Implications for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the clinic

When: March 5th

Time: 5:15pm-6:30

Where: CHP 224

Dr. Michael Rowley is currently a postdoctorate fellow in Brown’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Bio as well as an Anatomy Professor in USC’s Division of Biokinesiology and PT. Please join PTMLA for a discussion about LGBTQ+ inclusion in the clinic!

Community Outreach: Keck Medicine+Bravo HS Mentorship Program

PTMLA was invited by the Keck School of Medicine + Bravo HS Mentorship Program to present and lead a workshop about Physical Therapy. Our members helped lead a group presentation and then individual posture workshops with small groups of medical students and high school students. This opportunity allowed our members to have an interprofessional discussion on the role of physical therapists and medical doctors in a health care setting. The workshop concluded with stressing the importance of posture and creating an ergonomic space; an important reminder for all students. Thank you to Keck School of Medicine Mentorship Program for the opportunity!

Community Outreach: PA Pipeline

Victoria Lu, SPT c/o 2021 and Autumn Only A Chief, SPT c/o2020 adjust AFO straps on volunteers during our gait workshop.

PTMLA was invited by the USC PA Pipeline Program to conduct a presentation and workshop on the physical therapy profession to LAUSD high school students. The USC PA Pipeline Program is a student-run program hosting monthly presentations on a variety of healthcare professions to local students who may not have exposure to these career options. Our members had a great time talking about PT and leading our posture/gait workshop. The high school students had great questions and engaging discussion with our DPT students. Thank you to the USC PA Pipeline Program for inviting us!

If you are interested in participating in one of our upcoming community outreach events, please check the upcoming events calendar or email us!