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Evaluation of renal Masses

We use a variety of techniques including conventional imaging, radiomics, deep learning, and contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in the management of renal masses. These techniques are applied to the diagnosis, grading, staging, and management (including active surveillance) of renal masses.

Funding: RSNA, Whittier foundation, Deans and RSNA Medical Student Grants, Samsung healthcare

Selected published PapersPMID 29980960, 29305199, 28268233, 27331922, 26162845, 24680360  
AbstractsMultiple abstracts at AIUM, AUA, RSNA, SPIE

Current directions(ongoing):

a) Development of explainable models and decision support systems

b) Development of intelligent automation techniques

c) Federated learning in renal mass evaluation

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