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Muscle Invasive Bladder Carcinoma

The MIBC TCGA group has collected a large archive of cases with extensive molecular characterization from multiple sites. Our group has led the radiomic evaluation of a large cohort of these patients and is currently performing multiomic analysis to identify imaging surrogates for molecular markers.

Collaborators: Seth Lerner (Baylor), TCGA MIBC Group, Indy Gill (USCUrology),

Funding: RSNA seed grants

Selected published PapersPMID 30022220, 27432379, 33958149, 34508246
AbstractsMultiple abstracts at ASCO, SWOG, EAU, AUA, RSNA, SPIE

Future directions (ongoing):

a) Molecular characterization and pathway associations with imaging

c) development of an interface allowing human expert augmented deep learning evaluation of bladder cancer

d) development of radiomic profiles predictive of a good response to specific treatments

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