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Prostate Cancer

Our multidisciplinary group is working to develop intelligent models which would help in individual patient management decisions and risk stratification. We have used radiomic evaluation of the primary tumor on MR imaging and are currently exploring the role of radiomics in specific clinical scenarios including the identification of aggressive forms. We are also evaluating metastatic prostate cancer, including correlation with PET CT and circulatory tumor markers for which we have a funded RO1 grant. Our group also collaborates in developing AI models for the pathological evaluation of Prostate biopsies

Integrated radiomic and liquid biopsy monitoring in SWOG S1802: A phase 3 therapeutic trial for metastatic prostate cancer (Vinay Duddalwar, Amir Goldkorn, Tim Triche).

Funding: NIH2BDK, NCI

Selected published PapersPMID 31175460, 30733585, 30189186, 30117172, 28081708, 33818141, 32941257
AbstractsMultiple abstracts at ASCO, SWOG, EAU, AUA, RSNA, SPIE

Current Directions:

 Developing decision support systems that stratify patient care decisions

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