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Renal Cell Carcinoma

We have curated a large archive of imaging data and correlative information which we are evaluating using a multiomic strategy with the aim of identifying the best options for patient management


1) Whittier Foundation, Wright Foundation TransformativeGrant ACSSeed Grant, CTSI Seed Grant, RSNA and USC Deans Medical Student Grant

2) Core Lab vouchers from CTSI; used for CD8, PDL1 stains, mDNA

Selected published PapersPMID 30506142, 30240299, 29888982, 29305199, 27690297, 27595574, 34757449, 34538748, 32803417 32356484
AbstractsMultiple abstracts at ASCO, SWOG, AUA, RSNA, SPIE

Current Directions:

a) Molecular characterization and pathway associations of imaging in RCC.

b) Assessment of immune microenvironment and quantification of immune cell infiltration

c) Incorporation of radiomic techniques into a SWOG/multisite trial.

d) Integrated biomarker development

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