Nicolas SchweighoferNicolas Schweighofer, PhD

Dr. Schweighofer has conducted computational studies addressing the way in which the cerebellum complements the roles of the basal ganglia and the motor cortex in eye and arm movements. He then paid particular attention to the processes by which error signals reaching the cerebellum could be useful for efficient motor learning. He has also studied how learning rules provide the bridge between system behavior and neuroplasticity, with a special emphasis on the role of neuromodulators. In current work on computational neuro-rehabilitation, he uses a computational and behavioral approach to study motor learning and neural plasticity in healthy and lesioned brains. Then using predictions from these models, he aims at optimizing motor learning, or -relearning, via adaptive practice schedules in healthy and stroke subjects.

Current Members

Nadir Nibras – PhD student in Biomedical Engineering
Yannick Darmon – PhD student in Biokinesiology
Laura Cao – BS student in Computational Neuroscience
Alec Roig – MS student in Biokinesiology


Victor Barradas – PhD Biomedical Engineering
Vince Enachescu – PhD Neuroscience
Justine Magnard – PhD in Kinesiology
Chunji Wang – PhD in Neuroscience
Sujin Kim – PhD in Biokinesiology
Amarpreet Bains – PhD in Neuroscience
Hyeshin Park – PhD in Biokinesiology
Youngmin Oh – PhD in Neuroscience
Yukikazu Hidaka – PhD in Computer Science
Sungshin Kim – PhD in Neuroscience
Jeong-Yoon Lee – PhD in Computer Science
Feng Qi – PhD in Neuroscience
Younggeun Choi – PhD in Computer Science
Cheol Choi – PhD in Computer Science