Our Priorities

Our center meets with Patient Family Advisory Committees (PFACs) and Patient Advisory Committees (PACs) across Department of Health Services (DHS) facilities annually to identify healthcare issues that are important to them. Each committee then votes on their top priorities and the center will incorporate those priorities into our funding process.

DHS Priorities
      • Radiology, especially reducing low yield studies and improving efficiency
      • Perioperative services, especially surgical throughput
      • Use of informatics to improve clinical care and the quality of clinician work
      • Make clinical documentation meaningful to all users and stakeholders
      • Specialty care medical homes for chronic disease
Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center Patient Priorities
      • Access to primary care
      • Vascular risk factor control for individuals with disabilities (including
        diabetes, diet, physical activity, nutrition, insulin resistance)
      • Access to specialty care
Los Angeles General Medical Center Patient Priorities
      • Patient portal engagement
      • Reducing use of restraints in psychiatric unit
      • Understanding which services are available at LA General and throughout DHS
      • Women’s health (addressing disparities in screening, routine care)
      • Anxiety – navigating the world and self-management techniques to address anxiety that can be disabling
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Patient Priorities
      • Coming soon
Olive View-UCLA Medical Center Patient Priorities
      • Coming soon