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Our Vision

The overarching vision of the HealME Center is the innovation of new technologies and engineering solutions for critical healthcare problems. Whereas the centuries old paradigm in medicine involves a reliance on pharmaceutical or surgical interventions, new advances will be driven by the convergence of engineering and medicine, particularly in the development of medical devices and information processing/data analytics. These and new combination approaches will drive improvements in diagnostics, monitoring, and therapy that will underpin future advances in personalized and precision medicine.

The founding pillar of the center focuses on the intersection of neuroscience, neurology, neurosurgery, neural engineering, and biomedical device engineering; Engineering+Neuro will address development and dissemination of devices and tools, brain machine interfaces, and modeling methods.  These areas are the focus of national and international funding initiatives and tremendous venture capital and entrepreneurial activity.  We strategically choose to focus on this center first because engineering advances are poised to enable significant advances clinical care and we have a network of experts across units at USC but lack of coordination among these individuals.  There is no better timing than now to bring these groups together.