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Welcome to Khajavikhan’s Lab at USC. We are interested in the study of open, active, and topological photonic systems. Our research spans from basic science to applications, and from exploring and discovering fundamental phenomena in complex arrangements, to the prediction and realization of novel devices and sub-systems.

The current projects in the group are as follows:

  • Design and demonstration of novel light sources for stimulated emission depletion (StED) microscopy

  • Study coherent and collective behaviors in laser networks

  • Topological phenomena in active photonic platforms

  • Study light interactions with Weyl semimetals

  • Sensing beyond Hermitian limit, Exceptional point based sensors, chip based gyroscopes

  • Novel photonic structures using non-Hermitian exceptional points

  • Supersymmetry in optics and photonics

  • Terahertz generation using semiconductor lasers

  • Study cavity quantum electrodynamics and nonlinear processes at exceptional points

  • Programmable universal multifunctional apertures

  • Classical entanglement in structured optical fields

We are looking for motivated graduate students and postdocs. Please send an email to KHAJAVIK at USC dot EDU for more information.