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The joint meeting for two international MURI and BARI initiatives led by Maryam Shanechi is highlighted here.



We held a joint meeting for our MURI and BARI programs at USC with over 60 international experts from academia and government labs in US and UK. Led by Maryam Shanechi, MURI started in 2016 to develop brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) for enhanced decision accuracy and BARI was just kicked off to develop human-AI teams for joint decision making, funded by US DoD and UK MoD. Read more here.


Our second annual meeting will be held at USC Feb. 12-14, 2019. This meeting will be held jointly with the kick-off meeting of our new US-UK BARI program announced here.


Our first annual meeting will be held at UCL on Feb. 21-22, 2018. Tentative agenda is here.


We held our joint US/UK MURI kick-off meeting at USC with participation from academia, DoD labs, and UK MoD. Our program is now officially launched.


Our project is highlighted in USC news. Read more: USC news here , Viterbi news herePress release here.


We are awarded a joint US/UK multidisciplinary MURI grant to lead a multi-institutional collaboration that aims to build brain-machine interfaces for enhanced decision accuracy.

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