• Flow around grains in a chamber undergoing phase change and combustion (collaboration: Shephard and Sahni groups, RPI)

  • Displacement field around a HUVEC cell in an elastic matrix (collaboration: Chen group, Boston University)

  • E-beam and classification heat map for defect detection using CNNs (collaboration: Ravi Bonam, IBM)

  • Automated structural model for the frame of an X-15 aircraft (collaboration: Jose Camberos and Andrew Zakrajsek, AFRL). 

  • Comparison of phase change processes using MD and continuum models (collaboration: Keblinski group, RPI). 

  • Overlay of shear modulus and OCT images of a gel surrounding a hasc cell (collaboration with the BRITE group at UWA). 

  • Vorticity field around a quad-rotor vehicle (collaboration with the Gandhi group at RPI)

  • Optimal design of structural stiffness for minimizing acoustic intensity (work with Saikat Dey, USNRL)

  • Continuum limit of clustering algorithms in supervised and unsupervised learning (work with Andrew Stuart's group at Caltech)

  • An ensemble of predictions for the early stages of the Mineral fire in CA (work with WRF-SFIRE team lead by Jan Mandel)

The Computation and Data Driven Discovery (CD3) group designs, implements and applies data- and physics-based models and algorithms to solve interesting  problems in engineering and science. Problems such as better detection, diagnosis and care of diseases like cancer, understanding the role of mechanics and physics in medicine and biology, modeling the evolution of multi-physics and multiscale systems, and reduced-order models for aerospace and mechanical systems.