Welcome to the Zhao Research Group led by Prof. Hangbo Zhao at USC!

Our group aims to advance the science and technology of mechanics-driven manufacturing through a combination of fundamental understanding of materials, mechanics, interfacial science, and multidisciplinary experimental approaches. Our focus areas include micro/nano manufacturing, mechanically guided assembly, engineered surfaces/interfaces, active/smart materials, and bio-integrated electronics.

At USC we are based in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, and are proud to be affiliated with the Center for Advanced Manufacturing.


Open positions

  • We have openings for Ph.D. and M.S.┬ástudents beginning in 2020. Motivated students from all backgrounds are encouraged to contact Prof. Zhao (hangbozh@usc.edu) by email and include your C.V. with a brief description of interests relevant to our work.
  • Undergraduate students interested in our research topics are encouraged to join our group and participate in research/publishing.
  • Visiting students and scholars are welcome to contact Prof. Zhao to discuss research opportunities.