Welcome to the Zhao Research Group led by Prof. Hangbo Zhao at USC!

Our group works at the intersection of advanced manufacturing, materials, and mechanics. We aim to advance the science and technology of manufacturing through a combination of fundamental understanding of materials, mechanics, interfacial science, and multidisciplinary experimental approaches. Our focus areas include micro/nano manufacturing, bio-integrated electronics, engineered surfaces/interfaces, and active/smart materials. Advances in these areas will find applications in biomedical devices, soft robotics, environmental monitoring, tissue engineering, among many others.

Open positions

  • We are seeking applications for an immediately available postdoctoral position in soft robotics. More details about the position can be found here. Applicants should contact Prof. Zhao (hangbozh@usc.edu) by email and include your C.V. and representative publications.
  • We have openings for Ph.D. and M.S. students. Motivated students from all backgrounds are encouraged to contact Prof. Zhao by email and include your C.V. with a brief description of interests relevant to our work. For Ph.D. applicants, please submit your application to the Mechanical Engineering program at USC Viterbi by December 15 for fall admissions (detailed requirements appear here), and list Prof. Zhao as a faculty member of interest in your application form.
  • Undergraduate students interested in our research topics are encouraged to join our group and participate in research/publishing.
  • Visiting students and scholars are welcome to contact Prof. Zhao to discuss research opportunities.