In 2013, the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy began its commitment to diversity by adopting a holistic admissions process.  In 2020, we reestablished our commitment not only to diversity, but also equity, inclusion, and anti-racism when we developed our Comprehensive Anti-Racism Plan which aligns with the USC Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (REDI) Report and guides the Division’s work with objective and measurable goals.  The pervasive injustices that inhabit higher education and our health care system require us to be consistent and tenacious. As such, one of the goals of this plan states that we will assemble an inventory of resources for Division members in one centralized location for accessing available EDI and anti-racism courses, recordings, journal articles, and web links.  This site serves to meet this goal.

On this site, you will find:

About: An introduction to the DARIC Council as well as individuals in the Division who are leading education in the area of equity, diversity, inclusion and antiracism within the Division. 

Exploring Anti-Racism Resources: Resources curated by our DARIC Council, as well as our student affinity groups, that address common issues faced by groups within our community.  

Professional Development Resources: 

Curriculum Development Resources: Within the plan, there are goals related to curriculum updates including:

Establish EDI curricular thread with representation on the Curriculum Committee.

Assemble shared resources/ definitions to support EDI in our DPT and BKN curriculum.

This section of the website serves to provide valuable resources for faculty who are updating their course content.

Publications and Presentations: Several faculty members within the Division have published or presented  work they have done in the Division that addresses.  Additionally, invited speakers from outside of the Division have provided valuable presentations to the continuation of our work and those talks/slides can be found here.