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Working Papers

Congress and the Political Economy of Daylight Saving Time (with Thomas R. Gray)

Polarization Lost: Exploring the Decline of Ideological Voting after the Gilded Age (with Sara Chatfield and Charles Stewart III)

Republican Party Politics and the American South: From Reconstruction to Redemption, 1865-1880 (with Boris Heersink)

Black-and-Tans vs. Lily-Whites: Republican Party Organization in the South after Reconstruction (with Boris Heersink)

Minority-Party Influence in the U.S. Congress: Floor Proposals and Minority Leverage in the House and Senate (with Nathan W. Monroe and Tessa Provins)

APD and Rational Choice – published in The Oxford Handbook of American Political Development

The Blair Education Bill: A Lost Opportunity in American Public Education (with Justin Peck)

Congress and Civil Rights: The Civil War Years, 1861-1865 (with Justin Peck)

Congress and Civil Rights: The Early Reconstruction Years, 1865-1871 (with Justin Peck)

Congress and Civil Rights: The Demise of Reconstruction, 1871-1877 (with Justin Peck)

The Erosion of the First Civil Rights Era: Congress and the Redemption of the White South, 1877-1891 (with Justin Peck)

Congressional Action on Civil Rights: The Wilderness Years, 1891-1918 (with Justin Peck)

Partisanship, Sectionalism, and Race: Civil Rights and Party Development from the 1950s through the 1970s – published in CQ Guide to US Political Parties

Initial Policy Breakthroughs: Congressional Action on Civil Rights, 1951-1960

The “Flip-Side” of Delegation: Examining Congressional Reassertion Efforts (with Justin Peck)

Minority Party Power in the Senate and House of Representatives (with Sean Gailmard) – published in Why Not Parties?

Agency Problems and Electoral Institutions: The 17th Amendment and Representation in the Senate (with Sean Gailmard) – earlier version of 2009 AJPS article

Coalition Structure and Legislative Innovation in American National Government (with Sean Gailmard) – published in Living Legislation

Coalition Size in the Senate and House of Representatives (with Sean Gailmard)

The Evolution of Party Leadership – published in The Oxford Handbook of the American Congress

Contemporary Lame-Duck Sessions of Congress: An Overview and Assessment with Special Emphasis on the 110th Congress (with Timothy P. Nokken)

Examining a Failed Moment: National Health Care, the AMA, and the U.S. Congress, 1948-1950 (with Kathleen Doherty)

Speakership Elections since 1860: The Rise of the Organizational Caucus (with Charles Stewart III)

The Gag Rule, Congressional Politics, and the Rise of Anti-Slavery Popular Politics (with Charles Stewart III)

More than Just a Mouthpiece: The House Clerk as Party Operative, 1789-1870 (with Charles Stewart III)

The First “Southern Strategy”: The Republican Party and Contested Election Cases in the Late-Nineteenth Century House

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