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Working Papers

Congress and the Political Economy of the National Endowment for the Arts (with Thomas R. Gray)

Whiteness and the Emergence of the Republican Party in the Early-20th Century South (with Boris Heersink)

Messaging and Policy: Do Members Vote Differently When Policy Is on the Line? (with Thomas R. Gray)

The Direct Election of Senators and the Emergence of the Modern Presidency (with Thomas R. Gray and Philip B. K. Potter)

How Have Members of Congress Reacted to President Trump’s Trade Policy? (with Andrew J. Clarke and Nathan K. Micatka)

Natural Disasters, ‘Partisan Retrospection,’ and U.S. Presidential Elections (with Boris Heersink and Brenton D. Peterson) Appendix

Congressional Action on Civil Rights: The Fair Housing Act of 1968 (with Justin Peck)

Polarization Lost: Exploring the Decline of Ideological Voting after the Gilded Age (with Sara Chatfield and Charles Stewart III)

Republican Party Politics and the American South: From Reconstruction to Redemption, 1865-1880 (with Boris Heersink)

Minority-Party Influence in the U.S. Congress: Floor Proposals and Minority Leverage in the House and Senate (with Nathan W. Monroe and Tessa Provins)

APD and Rational Choice – published in The Oxford Handbook of American Political Development

The Blair Education Bill: A Lost Opportunity in American Public Education (with Justin Peck)

Congress and Civil Rights: The Civil War Years, 1861-1865 (with Justin Peck)

Congress and Civil Rights: The Early Reconstruction Years, 1865-1871 (with Justin Peck)

Congress and Civil Rights: The Demise of Reconstruction, 1871-1877 (with Justin Peck)

The Erosion of the First Civil Rights Era: Congress and the Redemption of the White South, 1877-1891 (with Justin Peck)

Congressional Action on Civil Rights: The Wilderness Years, 1891-1918 (with Justin Peck)

Partisanship, Sectionalism, and Race: Civil Rights and Party Development from the 1950s through the 1970s – published in CQ Guide to US Political Parties

Initial Policy Breakthroughs: Congressional Action on Civil Rights, 1951-1960

The “Flip-Side” of Delegation: Examining Congressional Reassertion Efforts (with Justin Peck)

Minority Party Power in the Senate and House of Representatives (with Sean Gailmard) – published in Why Not Parties?

Agency Problems and Electoral Institutions: The 17th Amendment and Representation in the Senate (with Sean Gailmard) – earlier version of 2009 AJPS article

Coalition Structure and Legislative Innovation in American National Government (with Sean Gailmard) – published in Living Legislation

Coalition Size in the Senate and House of Representatives (with Sean Gailmard)

The Evolution of Party Leadership – published in The Oxford Handbook of the American Congress

Contemporary Lame-Duck Sessions of Congress: An Overview and Assessment with Special Emphasis on the 110th Congress (with Timothy P. Nokken)

Examining a Failed Moment: National Health Care, the AMA, and the U.S. Congress, 1948-1950 (with Kathleen Doherty)

Speakership Elections since 1860: The Rise of the Organizational Caucus (with Charles Stewart III)

More than Just a Mouthpiece: The House Clerk as Party Operative, 1789-1870 (with Charles Stewart III)

The First “Southern Strategy”: The Republican Party and Contested Election Cases in the Late-Nineteenth Century House

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