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Welcome to Dr. Jiachen Zhang’s Air Pollution-Climate-Equity (ACE) Research Group in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Southern California!

I’m excited to join USC in Spring 2024 and establish my research group! Prior to joining USC, I was a manager at the California Air Resources Board, leading a team of researchers to quantify air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions from mobile sources and inform policies to mitigate them. I’m enthusiastic about applying my research experience with air quality and climate modeling, work experience at a policy-making agency, and my connections with various stakeholders to enrich both my classroom and research endeavors.

The ACE research group is recruiting two fully-funded PhD students (starting in Fall 2024) and a postdoc! We also welcome B.S. and M.S. student interns (volunteers) if you are interested in gaining research experience.

Our group evaluates solutions aimed at tackling the consequences of climate change and air pollution (two of society’s great challenges!) with a particular emphasis on equity. We use atmospheric models and big data to investigate the interactions between climate change, air quality, and society (including transportation, energy, and land use policies, as well as public health and equity).

If you share our research goals and aspire to make positive social impact through your research, check out the job posting in our research group! If you are applying for our fully funded PhD program, please indicate Dr. Jiachen Zhang as a potential advisor in your application ( We encourage you to submit your application by November 30 if possible, but no later than December 15.

Contact Information

Dr. Jiachen Zhang

Kaprielian Hall

3620 South Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90089

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