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Superconducting Electronics

The E2S2C group is part of the ColdFlux team designing CAD tools and IP for digital superconducting electronics. Superconducting electronics leverages the superconductive nature of niobium to enable near-zero energy consumption for digital electronics cooled to just a few degrees Kelvin. The ColdFlux team is building a comprehensive CAD flow for digital SFQ circuits in an effort to help this technology scale to larger systems. Our group’s focus has been on CAD tools, ALU architectures, cache memories, and clocking solutions including recent work in hold-time fixing and support for multiple independent clock domains.

List of group members (Ph.D.s): Robert Aviles, Gourav Datta (graduated), Souvik Kundu (graduated), Xi Li (graduated) Ramy Tadros (graduated)

List of publications:

  1. [IEEE TAS 2023] C. Fourier, et al, “Results from the ColdFlux Superconductor Integrated Circuit Design Tool Project”, Accepted for publication.
  2. [ISVLSI 2022] X. Li, M. Pan, T. Liu, P. A. Beerel, “‘Multi-Phase Clocking for Multi-Threaded Gate-Level-Pipelined Superconductive Logic”, accepted.
  3. [ACM TODAES 2021] ,  X. Li* , S. N. Shahsavani*, X. Zhou, M. Pedram, and P. A. Beerel, “A Variation-Aware Hold Time Fixing Methodology for Single Flux Quantum Logic Circuits”.
  4. [IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems-I 2021] G. Datta, Y. Lin, B. Zhang, P.A. Beerel, “Metastability in Superconducting Single Flux Quantum (SFQ) Logic
  5. [IEEE Trans. on Applied Superconductivity 2020] G. Datta, A.S. Sudheer, P.H. Srinivas, P.A. Beerel. “Single Flux Quantum (SFQ) First-in-First-Out (FIFO) Synchronizers: New Designs and Paradigms”.
  6. [IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems 2020] G. Datta, P.A. Beerel, “Modeling and Characterization of Metastability in Single Flux Quantum Synchronizers
  7. [IEEE International Superconductive Electronics Conference 2019] S. Kundu, G.Datta, P.A. Beerel, M. Pedram, “qBSA: Logic Design of a 32-bitBlock-Skewed RSFQ Arithmetic Logic Unit
  8. [IEEE International Superconductive Electronics Conference 2019] G.Datta, H. Cong, S. Kundu, P. A. Beerel, “qCDC: Metastability-Resilient Synchronization FIFO for SFQ Logic

Arxiv Preprints:

  1. G. Datta*, S. Lin*, P.A. Beerel, “A High Performance and Robust FIFO Synchronizer-Interface for Crossing Clock Domains in SFQ Logic”, 2021
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