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Art & Medicine

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Photo Credit: J. Fredric May
Artist-In-Residence, Ted Meyer and Compromised Perception Exhibit Artist, J. Fredric May

Hoyt Gallery, located in the basement of the Keith Administration Building, has exhibited the work of artist-patients, students, faculty, and staff for nearly fifteen years. Curated by KSOM’s Artist-in Residence, Ted Meyer, the Gallery continues the HEAL Program’s new mission to align the work of patients/artists with the core medical school curriculum, and to foster enhanced understanding between patients and future health care professionals. Beginning in Fall 2016, the exhibits have been tied to the KSOM curriculum as part of the Humanities, Ethics/Economics, Art, and Law (HEAL) Program.


Join Artist-in-Residence, Ted Meyer, as he speaks to different people about how they use art in their own recovery from illness or adversity.

Ted talks on TEDMED

“A Portrait of the Patient Experience” TEDMED – 14:25 min

Artist, curator, and patient advocate Ted Meyer finds artistic inspiration in the adversity of the patient experience. In his 2016 TEDMED Talk, Ted shares how communicating patients' stories through art can help healthcare providers to gain a more complete understanding of their patients' pain, loneliness, and frustration. 

“Ted Meyer Interviews Elizabeth Bailey” ARTandMED – 8:17 min

Elizabeth Bailey talk about her daughter, Grace’s artwork. Grace is verbal and has autism. She draws, sculpts, and paints creating beautiful pieces which are a window into her thoughts and feelings.

Daniel in his hospital room

“Ted Meyer interviews Dominic Quagliozzi” – 11:04 min

Dominic Quagliozzi was born with cystic fibrosis. He speaks from his hospital bed about how he turns his hospital room into a creative space during his frequent hospital stays. 

Daniel talks to Ted

“Daniel Leighton Interview” – 8:43 min

Ted Meyer interviews fellow artist, Daniel Leighton, on a life with meaning and purpose while living with Crohn’s Disease. 

Siobhan speaks to Ted

“Siobhan Hebron Interview” – 8:23 min

Siobhan Hebron is an artist and brain cancer survivor who illustrates the power of the human spirit to shine through. She wanted to bring illness into a public place by using performing arts, written pieces, and object-art. 

“Cat Gwynn Interview” – 8:51 min

Cat Gwynn is a photographer and breast cancer survivor who is empowered by defining life on her own terms through creativity and by embracing mindfulness each and every day. 

Daphne speaks to Ted

“ARTandMED interviews Daphne Hill” ARTandMED – 10:36 min

Daphne Hill talks about her fear and fascination of germs and bacteria and how that became the focus of her “Venereal Narratives and Other Catchy Tales” series.

Carol speaks to Ted

“Carol Es Interview” – 8:45 min

Carol Es is an artist living with Lupus.  Neurologic involvement communicates her experiences and deepest feelings through her art while honoring the perspective we all bring to a piece of art. 

Alison speaks to Ted

"Ted Meyer interviews Alison Romanczuk" ArtandMed – 9:12 min

London based photographer Alison Romanczuk discusses her work with burned children in Africa and portraits of people with scars in London. 


Ted Meyer

Ted Meyer is a nationally recognized artist, curator and patient advocate whose work has been displayed internationally in museums, hospitals, and galleries. As Artist in Residence at UCLA Geffen School of Medicine, Ted curated exhibitions of artwork by patients with subject matter aligned with medical school curriculum. He is a Visiting Scholar at the National Museum of Health and Medicine, and was recently invited to take part in the Aspen Seminars at the Aspen Institute. He gave a talk at TEDMED 2016 about this innovative work.

The Hoyt Gallery is located at 1975 Zonal Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90033
in the basement of the Keith Administration Building at Keck School of Medicine.

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