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Recent Publications

R. Ermagan, M. Sauzay, and M. E. Kassner, “Assessment of Internal Stresses Using Dislocation Dipole Heights in Cyclically Deformed [001] Copper Single Crystals,” Metals,10, no. 4, 2020, pp. 512.

K.T. Son, M.E. Kassner, K.A. Lee, The Creep Behavior of Additively Manufactured Inconel 625, Adv. Eng. Mater. 22 (2020) 1900543.

Kassner, M.; Ermagan, R. “Power Law Breakdown in the Creep in Single-Phase Metals”, Metals, 9, 2019, pp.1345.

M.E. Kassner, C.S. Campbell and R. Ermagan, “Large Strain Softening in Aluminum  in  Pure Shear at Elevated-temperatures: Influence of Dislocation Climb”, Metall. and Mater. Trans. 48,  2017, pp. 3971-3974.

Smith, M.E. Kassner and P. Kumar, “Long-Term Annealing of High Purity Aluminum Single Crystals: New Insights into Harper-Dorn Creep” Mater. Sci. and Eng. A, 705, 2017, pp.1-5.

Q. Phan, L. E. Levine, I-F. Lee, R. Xu, J.Z. Tischler, Y. Huang, T. G. Langdon, and M.E.Kassner“Synchrotron X-Ray Microbeam Diffraction Measurements of Full Elastic Long    Range Internal Strain and Stress Tensors in Commercial-Purity Aluminum Processed by Multiple Passes of Equal-Channel Angular Pressing”, Acta Mater, 112, 2016, pp. 231-241.

K.K. Smith and M.E. Kassner “Through-Thickness Compression Testing of Commercially-Pure (Grade II) Titanium Thin-Sheet to Large Strains”, J. Metallurgy, Article 6178790, 2016, 11pages.

M.E. Kassner and K. Smith, “Creep in Amorphous Metals” Journal of Materials Resh. and Tech”, 4, 2015, pp. 100-107.

M.E. Kassner, K. Smith and C.S. Campbell, “Low-temperature Creep in Metals and Alloys”,Mater. Sci, 50, 2015, pp. 6539-6551.

Q. Phan, I-F. Lee, L. E. Levine, J.Z. Tischler, Y. Huang, A. G. Fox, T. G. Langdon, E. Kassner , “X-Ray Microbeam Measurements of Long Range Internal Stresses in Commercial Purity Aluminum Processed by Multiple Passes of Equal-channel Angular Pressing”, Scripta Mater, 93, 2014, pp. 48-51.

Zhao, M. N. Polyakov M. Mecklenburg, M. E. Kassner, A. M. Hodge, “The Role of Grain Boundary Plane Orientation in β Phase Precipitation in Al-5456”, 2014,  Scripta Mater, 89, 2014, pp. 49-52.

M.E. Kassner, P. Geantil and L.E. Levine, “Long-range Internal Stresses in Single Phase Crystalline Materials”, Int. J. Pasticity,  45, 2013, pp. 44-60.

I.-F. Lee, T. Phan, L.E. Levine, J. Z. Tischler. P. Geantil, Y. Huang, T.G. Langdon and M. E. Kassner, “Using X-ray Microbeam Diffraction to Study the Long-range Internal Stresses in Aluminum Processed by ECAP”, Acta Mater, 61, 2013, pp. 7741-7748.

L.E. Levine, P. Geantil, B.C. Larson, J.Z. Tischler, M.E. Kassner, W. Liu, M.R. Stoudt, F. Tavazza, “Disordered Long-range Internal Stresses in Deformed Copper and the Mechanisms Underlying Plastic Deformation”,  Acta Mater., 59, 2011, pp. 5083-5091.

Kumar, M.E. Kassner, T.G. Langdon, W. Blum and P. Eisenlohr, “New Observations on High Temperature Creep at Very Low Stresses”, Mater. Sci. Eng., A510-511, 2009, pp. 20-24.

P.-L. Sun, Y.H. Zhao, J.C. Cooley, M.E. Kassner, Z. Horita, T.G. Langdon, E.J. Lavernia, Y.T. Zhu, “Stacking Fault Energy Effects on Strength and Ductility of Nanostructured Alloys: An Evaluation with Minimum Solution Hardening”, Mater. Sci Eng. A525, 2009, pp. 83-86.

Cabibbo, E. Evangelista, M.E. Kassner, M.A. Meyers, W. Blum, “Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of the Strain Induced Low and High  Angle Boundary Development in Equal-Channel Angular-pressed Commercially Pure Aluminum,” Metall. Mater Trans., 39,2008, pp. 181-189.



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