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Windsurfing Photos

1) Photos from Punta San Carlos (many thanks to Clark Merritt for most of the shots, and to Glenn Dubock for a few of the shots):

Chilli bowl ride

Nice waves, good wind, no crowds

2) Photos from Jalama (many thanks to Paul for the shots):

Jalama can get mast-high with a nice wind angle

3) Photos from Davenport (many thanks to Alex Pang and John Dumas for the photos):

This is what I miss most from northern California, the consistency of this place, wind and wave-wise…

4) Ancient history shots from grad years at Stanford and undergrad years in Greece:

California, October ’99:

With Stanford Windsurfing Club’s equipement at Waddell, California, US, June ’99:

With my first decent wave board (Ordonez 254) in Laurio, Athens, Greece, Summer ’98:

Same board, Anavissos, Athens, Greece, Winter ’98:

Same board, Prasonissi, Island of Rhodos, Greece, Summer ’98: