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Sports and Hobbies

Some of my hobbies:

  • Kite-surfing (surfing waves without paddling, getting towed-in waves by the wind).
  • Windsurfing (wave sailing used to be my thing, now that kitesurfing has replaced it I have fun windsurfing at blasting speeds in flat, warm water).
  • Snowboarding (with avalanche gear on steep remote terrain with lots of powder).
  • Football (aka soccer to those that insist on using the word football for a sport that is mainly played by hands). The reality of three kids and a job have reduced the opportunities I get to do sports which depend on mother nature (will there be waves, wind, fresh snow?) thus soccer has become the most trusted sport.
  • Mountain biking (don’t even need a car to hit the trails from where I live).
  • “Do it yourself” fun (fixing stuff at home, fixing cars, fixing everything, resisting the temptation to keep on consuming and throwing things away at the blink of an eye).
  • Hiking (preferably when there is a peak to reach).
  • Music. I studied Accordion as well as theory of music for more than a decade, still play every now and then.
  • Basketball (I used to play in teams in high school and university years, now just for fun).