Armenian Affinity Association (AAA)

About Us

The Armenian Affinity Association’s (AAA) objectives are to create a community built around collaboration, awareness, and unity within the Armenian culture at the USC Mann and the other professional schools. We hope to foster an environment that allows for safe communication, and the building of a community, that will enhance personal, educational, and research excellence. We aim to highlight the visions, build on innovative ideas, and strengthen leadership amongst its members in order to build a network of healthcare providers that work towards providing qualitative and exceptional patient care.


    • Our goal is to reach out to individuals within the Armenian community. Since it is culturally “frowned upon” to take medications, it is important to remind patients about medication adherence, and not to hide away from medical complications. We can do this by having events at adult daycares, for example.
    • The Armenian culture has a stigma when it comes to medications and mental health. Both aspects are crucial when considering health in general. It is our goal to make the community aware of the importance of medication adherence and also the reality of mental health. Another goal as a minority is to shine a light on the Armenian culture by providing educational activities regarding the Armenian genocide, the Armenian language (with possible terms students may need to know during counseling), and behavioral factors (including tobacco/alcohol use, physical activity, and diet).
    • Our goal is to build a community amongst the current students at USC Mann and to network with other students at other pharmacy affiliations (i.e. other pharmacy schools, other graduate/undergraduate programs). Moreover, we hope to build a strong network of alumni in order to help us become better people and pharmacists. Regarding a bigger spectrum, we hope to make a difference through the educational events hosted, in order to form a more competent and aware Armenian community.

Current Events