Welcome USC parent!

We share your excitement for your student to start college at USC. The next few years will be a time of exploring, encountering new ideas and challenges, and weathering arcs that can test their abilities and resilience. Our team is here to provide care and support as your student goes on that journey, with the goal of helping them grow and mature into adults who can meet these and other challenges.

We invite you to hear from our experts for talks related to helping your student navigate transitions to college life.

For our parents of Chinese international students—see this presentation on adjusting to college致家长(中文版)

For parents with questions about accessing student medical records, please see this FAQ page.

For all parents, we encourage you to review the Family Guide to helping your student Thrive in College.

For Parents:

Curious about the first year of college?

See this recorded webinar featuring counseling and mental health expert Daniele Gautt, LCSW, from USC Student Health, and Prof. Daniel Pecchenino, president of the USC Academic Senate, as they provide advice for helping your student successfully navigate common challenges in college.

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A must-read for parents and students: “Sexual Citizens”

Parents and family support can play a crucial role in supporting college students to express choices that reflect their identity, beliefs and values, especially as they grown into adult selves. Subject matter expert Deborah Schleicher, PsyD, from our Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services team, participates in a moderated conversation around “Sexual Citizens,” the groundbreaking book that explores how we can empower college students to express their boundaries and expectations in intimate relationships. Want to learn more? See this excellent advice op-ed for parents from the authors.

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